Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

Female Leaders Are Liked Less by Both Genders

What Makes Joy Smith an Awesome Anomaly? Humility Joy Smith challenges gender bias but not for her own advancement. She’s doing it for the abused. “This is not something I would want to do with my life. I am not a good politician.” Smith has earned four university degrees and has penned a bestseller. She […]

Revenge? That Would Put Me in Prison

Besides, I Don’t Want Revenge Anymore I Want My Story to Help Someone   Look for Rick Smith on social media and you will find a guy raising puppies and training police dogs. He is the picture of a patient, gentle man. What you won’t see are Rick’s four black belts, his military career that […]

Dear Editor

  Prostitution is so hot right now—as a political issue that is! Bill C-36 went before a Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in Ottawa last week. What does it mean? Good question, Stan Burditt, founder, Men Against Sex Trafficking, sums it up well, “The main issue in the debate on Bill C-36 is […]

How to be Smart in a World of Stupid Charities

 5 Dumb Ways We Donate “Giving to those in need what they could be gaining from their own initiative may well be the kindest way to destroy people.” From the book, Toxic Charity, by Robert D. Lupton. My brother is a recovering alcoholic; sobriety is a lot of work. But it pays off, because he has […]

20 Ways to Be Just Another Bleeding-Heart Activist That Nobody Gives a Crap About

  An unsettling thought isn’t it? You’re not going to have a street named after you this way, are you?  Not if you’re just a little, special-interest group standing in the cold shadow of the big boys like Relay for Life and Heart and Stroke. Compared to them, you’re small and outnumbered. So what do […]

Follow in the Footsteps of Giants Or Fear-Lemmings Will Lead You . . . down

Lose Your Why, Lose Your Way 2 Ways to Find Your Why, and Wrap Your Arms Around It  I lose my why sometimes—my emotional-why—the heart of why I do anti-slavery work. When that happens I am tempted to switch careers, get a good-paying job and give money to Free The Slaves (and use the extra […]

Punch Blame in the Face!

Responsibility-Takers Get in the Ring With Blame-Givers Pop, Pop, POW!  2 Moves to a Knock Out Are you a responsibility-taker? People pleaser? Do you think others will follow that lead, return kindness for kindness? This may hit you like a right hook — you’re a blame-taking target. Two words of advice: Watch out. If you […]

2 Ways Hard Workers Waste Time and Wound Relationships (mirror please) 1 Way to Save You From Yourself

Are you a hard worker?  Do you score A-plus for results? How’s that working for you at home? The real test. When it comes to the home-test do you expect happy endings? As though the  life-test will create the circumstances for you and your loved ones to end up in an adventure that will resolve […]

There’s no status in shouting for justice, people roll their eyes when they hear it

I went to an International Justice Mission (IJM) seminar last week. My spine tingled when they talked about William Wilberforce and the beginning of the anti-slavery movement in the 1800’s. I’m a sucker for historical, spine-tingling stories. Wilberforce didn’t start out with status, he got ignored or eye-rolled. People already understood slaves: they called them […]

You Are Reading an Anti-Slavery Blog? Hello Difference Maker!

   Do you have a passion for justice?  Welcome to the new anti-slavery movement. You are going to meet people a lot like you around here: Passionate people who are making a difference. If you have tried your hand at making a difference you know it isn’t easy. It has been said, you are who other […]