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You Are Reading an Anti-Slavery Blog? Hello Difference Maker!


Michelle and Jay Brock from Hope For The SOLD

Difference makers
Michelle and Jay Brock
Hope for the Sold

 Do you have a passion for justice?  Welcome to the new anti-slavery movement. You are going to meet people a lot like you around here: Passionate people who are making a difference.

If you have tried your hand at making a difference you know it isn’t easy.

It has been said, you are who other people think you are. Lurching out of that rut is risky. So be gentle with yourself.

Launching something new feels awesome, and crazy out there. Especially, if you are well-rooted in your present role. When you go and do something different, people will raise their eyebrows questioning, maybe even judging.

Never ever judge a fledgling piece or work too quickly. Julia Cameron

If this kind of work is brand new to you, go easy on you. Go hard on the cause, be kind to yourself. You’re not alone here.

Other freedom fighters are cheering for you, and we know how it feels to do this work.

 If you live in a small town, and feel isolated, consider yourself called to lead where you are. The emancipation of slavery in the 1800’s was mightily empowered by the growth of abolitionist societies in small communities.

There is so much great work to do. So let’s roll up our sleeves and reach right in.

 “Education is our greatest weapon.” MP Joy Smith

Start with booking a date for next month. Find a Friday and circle the date. (I know, next month is busy right, it’s OK, this one is easy).

red light green light

Plan to host a home screening of the new, hot-off-the-press documentary film, Red Light/Green Light by Michelle and Jay Brock of Hope for the Sold. Invite a few friends over.

Taking action is empowering. If you have hosted an awareness event this year, ask someone affected by your work to host the screening—share the power!

If you have not lead an event, beware. Your first inclination may be to rent your local movie theater and show the film: Go BIG or go home right? Great idea! Give your team a month or two lead-time. If you don’t have a team yet, the thought of filling that movie theater might be daunting, you need allies. Shoot for the home screening first.

Please leave a comment below and tell me if you clicked the  Red Light/Green Light link above. Did you book a screening? You are amazing! Leave a message if you are living in small community, I would love to hear from you.

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