Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

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Prostitution is so hot right now—as a political issue that is!

Bill C-36 went before a Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights in Ottawa last week.

What does it mean? Good question, Stan Burditt, founder, Men Against Sex Trafficking, sums it up well,

“The main issue in the debate on Bill C-36 is whether or not being prostituted is legitimate work.”

If you’d say yes it’s legitimate work, then you should know the percentage of prostitutes who claim they are being sold by choice, is less than 8% internationally.

You might also be interested in the most oft’ asked question in brothels—ready for this? “For every ten times a brothel phone rings, eight or nine times the question is: What’s the youngest girl you’ve got?” Rachel Moran, European Coordinator for Survivors of Prostitution-Abuse Calling for Enlightenment.

Still think the work is legit? You may be shocked to learn that sex buyers think this: “All men  fantasize about sex with adolescent girls.” They do?!

Well then, if it is legit work and you have a daughter who wants to reach the zenith of career success as a prostitute, she’d better get started at age 13 or 14. That’s the average age of entry into prostitution.

Find the idea repugnant? Of course you do. You were raised in Canada. But for those who are born into an attitude of normalcy towards child exploitation, you should know, children are not just sold into sexual slavery so the seller can buy a TV. They are sold so seller can buy a better TV.

For whatever reason the selling of people for sex is accepted, it’s wrong! But it’s also lucrative and pervasive.

“The world’s discrimination and violence against women and girls is the most serious, pervasive, and ignored violation of basic human rights.” ~President Jimmy Carter, A Call to Action.

Perhaps you’d suggest this: Why not make adult prostitution legal? It has been tried. To quote the mayor of Amsterdam, “It was an abysmal failure.” It attracted legions of criminals and sex buyers trading in debauched, depraved sex acts more despicable than you want to imagine—trust me.

That’s why the Europeans created the Nordic Model, making the purchase of sex illegal.

Come on Canada! Let’s make this land glorious and free!  It’s so easy to DO something!

Contact your MP to voice your support for Bill C-36 and share the important message of Bill C-36 with others!

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  • John Cassells

    Excellent message, Marilyn! So very wise and true.