Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

Modern Slavery, 2nd Place in World Crime and Seeking More Sexy Slaves–Our Daughters

“I am participating in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest organized by Josh Irby. The following letter is my response to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.”     Modern Slavery,  2nd Place in World Crime    And Seeking More Sexy Slaves–Our Daughters   But I don’t’ go around saying that. No way. I […]

Grandma’s Speech. She Talked About Twerking (she knows what that is!), and The Y-O-U-N-G Chant

It was Grandparents Day, and I hosted dinner for the grandparents, and the grandchildren—all of them teenage girls. Cards were given, toasts were made, and then someone said, “Speech!” Boy oh boy did we get one. Grandma pushed her chair back, stood up, and began. “Girls, it’s a man’s world. Take it from me, if […]

Event Hosting, What a Rush!

  The peril   Like a ride on the Zoomba Floom, there was a cold-water plunge that caught my breath. I loved everything about ramping-up to our big anti-slavery awareness event on Friday, May 3 with Victor Malarek. Everything except the dip into doubt. That came at the end. My brother says that our family […]

The Freedom Tour

First stop, Barrie Ontario, Sunday, April 21, 7:00 pm. I was there. I wanted to meet these freedom fighters: Miss Canada, Jaclyn Miles, and survivors, Katarina MacLeod, and Caroline Pugh Roberts. Stan Burditt of Men Against Sexual Trafficking (MAST) from London, Ontario leads the tour that will cross Ontario raising awareness about human trafficking.   For anyone interested in […]

Risk-Anxiety. Try it!

Thinking of taking a risk? Going out on a limb to promote the anti-slavery cause? Yes. Go. Do it. But first, if you want to know what the risk will be like, here is the best advice out there. Find someone who IS doing that risky thing–not has done it,  someone who is doing it–ask them what it’s […]

Events for April, 2013


I Called the RCMP

My first, tentative step,  into the anti-slavery cause was a Google search, “modern slavery”—pretty simple right. I ordered books, and I noticed all of them were American. Then I ordered a flyer from the EFC* with Canadian stats, and charts. It had a contact number for the RCMP. Do I call? Yeah, I could call, I did have a ligit question to ask . . . […]

The Alliance Against Modern Slavery, 2013, Conference

I arrived downtown Toronto at 6:30 am. all by myself, on the cool, grey morning of February 23. The start time for volunteers at the Alliance Against Modern Slavery’s (AAMS) conference wasn’t until 7:00 am. Parking, at 6:30 am., was a cinch; finding a Starbucks that opened before 7:00 am., on the other hand, was not. I found one, deep in the lobby of the Marriot, located […]

This Community is for You

Are you a lone ranger working for the anti-slavery cause? You’ll get tired without a team, and worse, you’ll become numb to the need. We all do. Community creates energy. Who doesn’t want more of that? That’s why a small town is all wrong for me. It’s not a big enough community. I would rather be energized in the city by all the movers […]


William Lloyd Garrison On January 1, 1831, William Lloyd Garrison published the first copy of the anti-slavery newspaper, The Liberator. He started out in New England as one-man, one-issue-a-week operation. The Liberator grew to 3,000 subscribers, (mostly un-enslaved, African-Americans). Small by today’s standards. The Liberator had a huge impact on America’s anti-slavery movement. Garrison was known for his uncompromising tone: I am aware that many […]