Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

This Community is for You

Stowe had community

Harriet Beecher Stowe. World Changer. She Didn’t Work Alone

Are you a lone ranger working for the anti-slavery cause?

You’ll get tired without a team, and worse, you’ll become numb to the need. We all do.

Community creates energy. Who doesn’t want more of that?

That’s why a small town is all wrong for me. It’s not a big enough community. I would rather be energized in the city by all the movers and shakers in the anti-slavery cause.

That’s why a small town is perfect for me. I am an outpost for all that cosmo action. So are you. If you are in a place where the anti-slavery message is still new then you are in the right place too.

Communication is key. So is community. Take Harriet Beecher Stowe for example–daughter, sister and wife to abolitionist ministers–she had plenty of like-minded community. Her book, Uncle Tom’ Cabin, was published in March of 1852 and spread like wild fire.

Woman of the 1800’s were society’s lower-class, and like Stowe, they were sympathetic to the slave’s plight.

By speaking up for the oppressed, women built a platform for their own equal-rights cause. Whatever you do for the oppressed will enrich your life. But don’t do it for that reason.

Do it because it’s right.

What would you do in your town if you had the support of an anti-slavery community cheering you on?

Shoot me an email or, better yet, talk about it in the comments section. Let others know your thoughts.

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