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I Called the RCMP

My first, tentative step,  into the anti-slavery cause was a Google search, “modern slavery”—pretty simple right.

I ordered books, and I noticed all of them were American. Then I ordered a flyer from the EFC* with Canadian stats, and charts. It had a contact number for the RCMP.

Do I call? Yeah, I could call, I did have a ligit question to ask . . . I’ll call . . . later.EFC

The EFC flyer said that 8,000 people are trafficked into Canada yearly. Really, how did they know?

The contact number, 519 640-7394, was for Marty Van Doren, Human Trafficking Awareness Coordinator, “O” Division (what’s “O” Division, I wondered–Ontario, ah).

No answer, just a recording, “leave a message after the tone”, beeeeeep. Ok, breath in, “um, Hi. My name is . . . and I was wondering if you . . .  “. Click. Exhale.

It’s a little bit  intimidating, from the titled-RCMP professionals to the glossy flyer with stats and charts. It wasn’t until I made a real-person connection, that I could relax my shoulders and begin to listen.

Marty Van Doren

Marty Van Doren
RCMP Human Trafficking Awareness Coordinator “O” Division

That reassuring conversation happened within fifteen minutes of my message. Marty returned my call from his cell phone while walking downtown Toronto.

He was on his way to a speaking event, yet he spoke to me like my call was important. Like answering a question about human trafficking is what he is hired to do. It is.

Marty is perfect for this job. He is probably super over-qualified for a part-time awareness post (his full-time job was national defense!).

He answered my question: No one knows how many people are trafficked in, though, and out of Canada. What is known is that it is happening, mainly to woman and children. The eight thousand a year, is an estimate—a low estimate. We are just beginning to research and measure it.

So this is real.

Score one for non-profits and their bell ringing.  The EFC wasn’t the only Canadian organization sending up the alarm. I soon discovered, Canada Fights Human Trafficking, and host of other start-ups working to get the attention of the public ear.

In the spring 2010, my local anti-slavery group met with Marty at Coffee Culture in Wingham, Ontario.

Marty told us about Canada Fights Human Trafficking, (CFHT), lead by Naomi Baker.

March 6 K-News 3

The news clipping above is from March 26, 2011, when my team  hosted Marty and Naomi in Kincardine.

CFHT folded in 2012.

There are many start-up organizations working to get a foothold in this cause. Sometimes first-tries fail.

When CFHT closed, Marty recommended my local group to  Karlee Sapoznik of York University, and her newly-formed Alliance Against Modern Slavery. AAMS has been around as long as long as my team, 2010.

AAMS is doing an amazing job. Check them out here,

If you have questions, would like to attend an event, or have Marty speak to your group, you can contact him at the phone number above or this email,

You will be glad you did.

If you haven’t made that first call yet you can talk to me at 519 396-6469. I would love to hear from you.

Or leave a message in the comment section below.


*EFC Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

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