Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

Risk-Anxiety. Try it!

Thinking of taking a risk? Going out on a limb to promote the anti-slavery cause? Yes. Go. Do it.

But first, if you want to know what the risk will be like, here is the best advice out there. Find someone who IS doing that risky thing–not has done it,  someone who is doing it–ask them what it’s like.

What it’s like. I am in it. Right now. My team and I have 10 days to sell over 100 tickets.


I feel like Cinderella, not ready, and late for the ball. My mind is like a popcorn machine, frantic with how? How will we fill this banquet hall? I scramble to catch all the to-dos. But that won’t work. I have to unplug in order to slow down the popping and spilling.

Now the nervous popping collects inside–fidgety. I tell my hands to stop feeling for rough spots to pull away on my fingernails and cuticles. It always peels too deep, bleeds, stings. Stop that.

The body teaches the mind.

Fold your hands. Try it. Pay attention to what it does. It opens the ears to the voice of your better angels.

Listen to the higher calling you have. Serve the captive, voiceless. Do it with all your heart. Not all your fears.

For sure you will get whelmed. That’s what makes it exciting!

I lose sleep over this stuff. And that is good. If nothing causes me to lay awake at night (and not much does, I can fall asleep blinking) then I wonder how alive I am inside.

I am alive and awake right now! And afraid. Afraid of failing (more to the point: I will be embarrassed to introduce Victor Malarek to a half-full dinner hall).

What if I fail?

I am not defined by a bad game of baseball. R.A. Dickey said that on a CBC radio interview on Monday. The Toronto Blue Jays pitcher has learned to grieve and accept loss, and not be defined by it. How hard is that‽ They guy signed a 30 million dollar contract to win, not lose.

He knows loss. He lost his childhood at the hands of an abuser. Now is a voice for the anti-slavery cause.

There is peace and wisdom in his words. The slow and calm way he says them is sage like. Click to see his autobiography here for the radio interview

The success of this banquet night is not about me. I need to accept that.

Not about me.

It is about them. The captive, voiceless, suffering, stolen children. I work for them.

Join me in this work won’t you?

Take a risk. Make a plan for your community. Talk about here.

You wont’ be alone in it.



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