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Event Hosting, What a Rush!


The peril


Like a ride on the Zoomba Floom, there was a cold-water plunge that caught my breath.

I loved everything about ramping-up to our big anti-slavery awareness event on Friday, May 3 with Victor Malarek.

Everything except the dip into doubt. That came at the end.

My brother says that our family has  a weird kind of perfectionism. He told me, “I won’t risk doing something that could fail. If I try something I need to know the result will be perfect”.


I have that!  I’m not afriad of taking a risk, no, that part is fun.  I cower and sink after jumping in.

I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but I feel sunk when I make a mistake.

And I am not talking about big blunders either, no, little things: I forgot half my introductory comments on Friday night–and I had funny stuff too. Rats.

I read Victor Malarek’s intro, so nothing was left out there. Then I handed the microphone to Victor and sat down, and rumpled inside. I made a mistake.

Failure. I had already felt that night. Why? Little thing. Because when Malarek and his very special guest, Sandie Rinaldo(!), arrived from Toronto they took my advice, they went for a walk to our lovely harbour. But, they walked from the hotel. That is too far to walk. I outlined the walking path by the beach on a map but didn’t note that they should first drive to the harbour.

May 2nd at the beach in Kincardine

May 2nd at the beach in Kincardine

I felt the icey hand of failure around my stomach because of that mistake too.

They had time to enjoy the gem of Kincardine: our boardwalk. And instead of that they got row housing and rusty fences on old Durham street! They walked part way in the open sun and had to turn around, and go back to the hotel and drive to the harbour.

Not that a big deal right? They got to the beach after all. My head says, so what? My stomach felt like it took on a bucket of  cold water.

I used to soak in that cold bath, but on Friday night, by the time Malarek’s talk was over, I was fine, it went away.

By the time Victor was done, nobody was thinking my mistake. 

It wasn’t about me. So what if forget some stuff. Move on!

 Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. Dale Carnegie

The reason we did this event was for Victor’s talk. And that has lasting impact. The story is hot off the press today in our local paper. Our Facebook page has received way over 600 views and we have recruiters signed up for our big fund raiser, the RIDE on Oct 5, 2013!

Now that is better than any perfect performance on my part!

Plus, I get my picture taken with Sanide Rinaldo, and Victor Malarek!

I get my picture taken with Sandie Rinaldo, and Victor Malarek!


Have you made a mistake and decided not to risk making one again? Have you ever told yourself not to try something because of the icy hand of fear around your belly? Lets challenge that fear.

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