Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!

Modern Slavery, 2nd Place in World Crime and Seeking More Sexy Slaves–Our Daughters

“I am participating in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest organized by Josh Irby. The following letter is my response to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.”



Modern Slavery,  2nd Place in World Crime  

 And Seeking More Sexy Slaves–Our Daughters


But I don’t’ go around saying that. No way. I am afraid it would polarize people: men are bad, girls are victims—and also, that victim-statement makes me cringe. Why are women so weak?

There is another thing I have never said: We so-called liberated women promote sexual exploitation. We pay for pole dancing classes and breast enhancements. We love this stuff. It makes us sexy.

If sexual exploitation is bad for women why do women exploit themselves? I have been keeping that answer a secret too, even from myself: Sexy gets male approval.

There. I said it. I said we want male approval, and that’s crossing a line. If I have learned anything from feminism I know that I am supposed to be liberated from male tyranny, and that I am allowed to express my sexuality anyway I want and I don’t have worry about judgement anymore. It just so happens that all us girls want to look like a magazine covers. How about that?

Those of us who are not cover materiel, well, we’re just not enough.


It is time for approval and sexy to get lost.

It’s like Sexy is our god

If we feel too fat, old or ugly to be sexy we bow down to worship the sexy lives lived in books and movies. Sexy is our god.

Sexy is not our god

I have got to quit offering myself on the altar of sexy. But I buy into sexual exploitation. If you shop you do it too. We spend our money in stores with sexy window displays—targeted at our daughters—and condone panty slogans that say, “Property of my boyfriend”  I could write reams of corroborating evidence.  The point is we approve exploitation.

Am I taking crazy pills?

Sexual freedom sure ain’t liberating. If a girl gets pregnant who deals with the unwanted life? She does. What about single parenting? It’s mostly moms. Who makes more money, men or woman? I am not kidding, men still earn more money than woman. Not to mention exploitation degrades girls.

Girls are more than sexy. Females in the western world have power, the vote, and whole lot of clout. Little girls in brothels don’t have that–and there are millions of them.

Wealthy nations feed the demand for rented bodies. We make the porn, and create the sexualized advertising.

What will happen if a generation of  girls say, no! What if we all stand up for dignity and, equality?

I’lll tell you what would happen. Another dirty little secret would be laid bare: Outspoken, powerful, successful females are not liked. Research proves this. And what’s worse, it’s not just men who are biased against women. Women are biased against women. It is time to link arms ladies, and lead the way for our daughters to dignity and equality.

Being a world-changer is this easy:

One, wake up the world to injustice.

Two, Get rid of your gender bias—find and promote great female leaders in great causes.

Three, free slaves by enlisting every man, woman and child to take part in an anti-slavery event. Serving a cause bigger than yourself is the number-one way to combat those not-enough feelings.  So do it. Do it for you. Do it for them.

                Join a local team—join my team!—and create a future where freedom means dignity and equality for both sexes everywhere.



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      Hi Christine. You are the Freedom Knits girl! I LOVE this idea. I Tweeted about you a couple of weeks ago and I viewed the link. Love your motto, A prayer in every stitch! Stylish logo too.