Together We Can End Slavery . . . Again!


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May, 2009.

I was reading to a grade-four Sunday school class a book on William Wilberforce.

Here’s how the book ended, and how I got started.

“There are more slaves in the world today than in the entire 400 years of the Atlantic slave trade.”

That statement changed my life.

Not all at once though. Actually, I forgot about it for a few days. When I remembered, I looked up modern slavery and read that there are 27 million slaves in the world today.

I surfed Amazon for a book, found Gary Haugen’s, Good News About Injustice, then clicked on the  shopping cart. There, I’ve done something.

The book arrived just before summer vacation so I tossed into my camp bag.

I took that book to the pool, the park, and the beach. One time I opened it. And I couldn’t put it back down. Later I read Kevin Bales’ books, then Victor Malarek’s, then I watched Human Trafficking and Taken . . .  you get the picture.

I asked people to join me in the cause. We went to conferences and met with front-line workers.

We have held yearly awareness banquets and raised funds.

I love this work

Even the grunt work–especially the grunt work–is meaningful: Loading a grocery cart in the wind and snow for an awareness event — satisfying; printing fliers late into the night — purposeful.

Serving the captive, the voiceless, makes the most mundane chore meaningful. Sandwich-making, coffee-brewing, speaker-hosting, is SO meaningful. And easy. It translates into this: A child sold into sexual slavery is rescued, protected and provided for. I wish every chore could translate into that.

The amazing part is, we already know how to do this stuff. These seemingly innocuous housekeeping-skills are a veritable arsenal against the worst kind of evil.

The power of the work is camouflaged. It’s like being an undercover cop or member of the WWII underground resistance. It is my chance to do what I would have done had I lived in Poland or Holland in the 1940′s. It’s what you would have done too right?

It’s energy giving

Nothing renews and refreshes me like visiting with movers and shakers in this work. Whether by phone, podcast or in print their stories rekindle my passion and provide me with resources: I am introduced to new people, I learn about new projects, I share in the struggles and successes of those in the trenches. I will share those stories here.

You have a story to share.

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